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My mother made me take piano lessons until I was 14 years old. All my buddies were out playing sports and I was practicing the piano. I never thought it was worth it, especially in during those years. I don’t think children really ‘get it’ until their about 35 years old, that’s why I kept telling all our children (there are six… all girls except for five of them), “Look,” I’d say, “When your 35 you’re going to agree with me anyway, so why not start now?” It never worked. And so it was with my then 12 year old son. A neighbor lady gave him a guitar. (It was a direct answer to his prayers). He brought it home and I noticed it was missing a string. I suggested he take it to a good friend of mine and have this friend look it over, show my son how to replace the missing string and teach him how to play. Well, that fell on deaf ears, my son thought he could learn how to play this thing himself… and he did. He had been taking piano lessons and knew a thing or two about music, so he jumped in and began working on his guitar playing. He replaced the missing string, wrote out the cords and practiced them diligently. There was one cord where he couldn’t quite get his fingers on the right strings, but he worked his way around that little problem. Then one day, my friend (the one who played the guitar that I had suggested my son talk to…) came to the house and my son was eager to show him what he had learned. My friend had a strange look on his face as he sat watching my son play this guitar. Finally he said, “You’re playing a guitar that is strung for a lefty. In other words, you’re playing that guitar up side down.” (Which may have been the reason he could not get his fingers to play that one cord right). Months of practice and patience and diligence went out the proverbial window. My poor son. If only he had listened in the first place… but like I said, he was only 12 and they don’t listening until about 35.

Can you relate this story to your early days in penny auctions? Maybe you never sought out help? Maybe you have never participated in penny auctions before? I have some helpful information for you today. Are you over 35 yet?

In my previous blog we looked at the necessity of being prepared to bid. “Ready. Shoot. Aim!!!” is the mistake that is usually made by new players in the penny auction industry. People may follow these three necessary steps (Ready, Shoot, Aim), but not always in the right order and the results can be overwhelming and expensive.

On virtually every penny auction site there is a tab marked, “HOW IT WORKS.” This tab can be clicked on and information gathered about that particular site, even BEFORE you register there. You really should get to know everything you can even before you register with the site. So click on the HOW IT WORKS tab.

Some sites will walk you through their registration process with the HOW IT WORKS tab. Most sites use this tab to show you how their auctions work. It will show you what the item screen looks like, where to find the description of the item you’re bidding on, where the clock is so you can see it tick down and how many seconds are added each time a bid is placed. Other information on the HOW IT WORKS tab include how to know what the price of the auction is, where the bid button is and how to know who is winning the auction.

Some sites offer different types of auctions like beginner auctions, reserve auctions, fixed price auctions, nailbiter auctions, even free auctions. Each site is different and you can learn about them and the auctions they offer in their HOW IT WORKS tab. Now if you do not see a tab by that name at the top of the screen, scroll down to the bottom and look there. It may say something like GETTING STARTED or HOW TO BEGIN. Use those instruction tabs and find out how that particular site works.

There are some sites that offer bid-helpers. These come by different names but do the same thing. They allow you to set a predetermined amount of bids on a given auction. While not all sites offer this, those that do may have slight variations. With some, once you set it, you cannot alter it. There is one site that has this autobidder function, however, it will not work when you use Google Chrome. You are going to want to have that information before bidding aren’t you?

Some sites even offer video presentations of how to do navigate around their site. These are vital so that you can be prepared to bid.

The HOW IT WORKS tab is an important part of your pre-bidding homework. Jumping into an auction without knowing what you are getting into can cause you to waste allot of time and money. The site owners want you to know everything you can about their site. It really is for you’re own good. Those who have been bidding want you to succeed too. We don’t want you to place any bid un-intelligently. So click on that HOW IT WORKS tab… especially if your under 35.



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Ready. Shoot. Aim!!!!

On Sunday night, a friend of mine, overcome with joy having watched her team win the Super Bowl, headed over to some other friends house to visit and relish the moment. Although uncertain as to who her friend might have been rooting for, she donned her Packer sweater and scarf and bounced down the road to celebrate. Upon arriving at her friends house, she noticed that there were a people there with Steelers’ jerseys and caps on. Up for a little bit of teasing, she praised the “Team from Wisconsin” for bringing the Vince Lombardi Trophy back to Lambeau Field where it belongs! Then something happened. Something was terribly wrong. She glanced at the television. The football game was on. “Ummm, are you guys watching the highlights from the game?” “No,” replied her host. “We went to church tonight and taped the game so we could watch it when we got home.” “Ahhh, I see,” my friend said, but it was too late.

My poor friend did what so many of us have done so often. That is practice a very common three step approach to certain situations. I call it the “Ready, shoot, aim” syndrome. She had no idea that these people had not known the end result of the game. The television showed that there was about 1:38 left in the game and Pittsburgh had the ball trailing by six points. Thanks to my friend, they really didn’t have to watch the rest of it.

It might be easy to laugh at a story like that, after all it wasn’t you who bounced down the road and ruined these peoples night.

Bidding on penny auction sites can be like that at times too. You find a great deal on bids, buy them and off you go. Bouncing down the internet to that site to win that XBox or giftcard. However, like my friend, you have no idea about who’s going to be there or what is going on at that site. Let me try to help you overcome potential problems with a three part series I’ll call, “Ready, Shoot, Aim.”

As the title implies, there are three steps that must be taken, but it’s the order that is key. It is important to be ready. To be prepared. To know what kind of penny auction environment you are heading into. Is it friendly? Who’s going to be there? What is the competition like? How can someone tell in advance? You need answers to all of these questions, BEFORE you buy that special bid package, unless of course you like throwing around $5 – $8 without knowing where it’s going. But if you do like doing that, let’s get together for coffee. I’ve got something I’d like to sell you. It only costs about $6…

There are a number of resources available to do this kind of homework and you will have to sort through the information they provide very carefully. I have already told you to do your homework at the site itself. Read through their terms and conditions. Look at the closed auction section. Check out who is winning and how much the auctions are closing for. There is plenty to glean from the site itself, however, the penny auction community has more help for you.

You’re going to want to know what the penny auction site is like? Have you ever been there before? If you haven’t, has anybody you can trust ever been there before? I may have been there and you can send me your question, but here’s the thing… you want to find out this kind of information BEFORE you buy any bids. Remember the order in our three step approach is important. There are some invaluable resources that provide more information about the penny auction site you are considering. Here are four…

Each of these sites have a section for what is called ‘reviews.’ This is where bidders have registered their experiences with various penny auction sites. Read the reviews. Don’t be lazy when you go to these resources. Make sure to take in what has been posted. You may find good and bad reviews for the same site. You’re going to have to sort through this information and come to some decisions.

Not too long ago,, offered a special deal on bids for a certain site. I had read mixed reviews about the site that had the bid special going, so I passed it up. Why? To be thoroughly honest, I’m really frugal. I still pick up pennies in the parking lots I traverse. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned. (I have a friend who agrees with that theory however, he adds, a penny leveraged is a nickel). So, because of my personal bent, I am not always willing to buy bids, even with a special offer, if there are too many negative comments on the review forums.

Let me add this side note. There are certain bidders who are frankly chronic complainers. I have been at this penny auction business long enough to know a) that they do exist and b) who they are. If they are the only ones complaining about a site, I will, as my dad used to say, “consider the source” when making my final decision.

The reviews often speak of how long it takes to receive a win. Pay close attention to those comments. People may say that it takes three weeks to receive their wins. At first that sounds bad. However, if the site itself says it will ship in 3-4 weeks, then there is nothing wrong with their shipping time frame.

These reviews are extremely helpful in the research you need to do BEFORE you buy any bids. It is information that is designed to help you, the bidder, make wise choices at the right time. It is also information that is helpful for the pennyauction site too. It is their report card, a public barometer that states how well they are doing.

Bidding on pennyauctions is really allot of fun, especially when you win. I will never outgrow the excitement of seeing “Auction Ended” with amcoffee as the last bidder. But the bidding itself comes later. First, you have got to be ready. After all, you want you know all you can about the place you’re going to visit. It can keep you from getting embarrassed.


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Starting New Trends

Who ever decided that a hamburger was a dinner or lunchtime meal? Ray Kroc? When McDonalds first started opening at 6:00am, why didn’t they just serve Big Macs and Fillet-O-Fish sandwiches like they usually did? Why did they have to do the Egg McMuffin thing? Have you ever wondered why? It’s because someone, a long time ago, decided that eggs were for breakfast and burgers were not. I remember my son declaring he was looking forward to being “the man of the house” some day. When asked why, he said; “So I can have cookies for breakfast.” Well, that trend was not going to start on my watch. The old traditional ways are good enough for me. New trends are hard to start… although my son is now the head of his own house and he has been known to have cookies for breakfast.

Internet shopping is one of those new trends. For some, the transition was as easy as my son choosing to eat cookies for breakfast. For others, skepticism abounds. Can I trust this cyber company to safeguard my financial information? That question didn’t enter your mind when you handed over your credit card to the guy behind the counter at Walmart! Why the internet? If it is because you can SEE the guy at Walmart, let me suggest that you cannot see the processor that just scanned the information on your credit card and communicated that information to someone, somewhere…right? (I hope I am not making you too nervous, just trying to prove a point).

At times, we are held hostage by our traditions. There’s a song called, “We ain’t never done it that-a-way before.” It might just be a fitting song for internet shopping.

There’s a new trend in internet shopping called penny auctions. I have been able to save thousands of dollars using various penny auction sites. In fact, last year our family traveled to South Carolina to attend our son’s graduation from the Army Basic Training in Fort Jackson. We estimated that this trip would cost about $350 in gasoline. Through penny auction sites, we were able to secure $450 in gasoline gift cards for a total out of pocket expense of less that $100.

Now, don’t just jump in because of my experience. But here’s what I am saying, you can do your homework, make plans, budget your expenses and then join in. Remember, there’s no guarantees. So where do you begin? Good question because starting new trends is not easy.

First, you’re going to want to read up on the various sites available. There are a number of web-sites that provide reviews of penny auction sites. One of my favorites is called Pennyauctionscore. You can click on this link to find them. Read through the various reviews. See what other are saying about these sites.

Second, go to the sites you researched and look them over. Look at their terms and conditions. Look up the closed or ended auctions to see how much the end auction prices are. You want to make sure you know who the winning bidders are. Do they have win limits? You will want to watch some auctions take place. Learn how their timers work. Does it go from 3 to 2 to 1 and then end? Does the timer go down to 3 seconds and then read “GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE, GONE?” Some timers count down to 10 seconds and then read, “GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE, YOU’RE TAKING A CHANCE, SOLD.” You get the idea. You want to know how the timers work on each site.

Third, find a good deal on bids. With penny auction sites, you purchase bids. These can run anywhere from $0.40 to $1 each. Almost every day a site called Pennyauctioncoupon provides special offers for bids. You can click on this link to find them. (When you register there, please remember to type in amcoffee when it asks who referred you.) With these special offers, you can purchase bids at a discounted price. They are great deals.

Let me add this… do not let your first purchase of bids be at a site where people have had problems. In other words, when you are reading the reviews, if someone said that the customer service was slow or unresponsive and everyone else said it was good, you may want to pass on that site. Find a review where everyone who posted comments, praised the site.

So now you have read the reviews, you researched the site, you got a great deal on bids, you’re ready to go, right? WRONG!!! 25-100 other people got the same deal. You may consider waiting a couple of weeks before using those bids, I do.

Starting new trends is hard. It takes time and homework and patience. The return on investment can be well worth it though. Do I always get $450 in gift cards with my $100 investment? No. But then again, I don’t always eat eggs for breakfast either. Sometimes I have cookies.



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When in Doubt… Do Your Homework!

Confidence is something that comes and goes with varied consistency in just about every one of us. There are days when we can’t even merge on the freeway without causing those around us to wonder why the “Student Driver” sign was not on our car! Speed-up, no brake, no speed-up, no brake… ughhh!

Making decisions can be like that at times, especially financial decisions. What do you do when you are in doubt about a financial decision? I want to narrow down this discussion to making financial decisions regarding buying bids on penny auction sites. Should I or shouldn’t I? Experienced players wrestle with these decisions. Imagine those who have never bid on a pennyauction site? Well, here’s some help from a very real (it happened today) decision.

One of my favorite places on the internet is This is a site that offers special deals for bids on pennyauction websites almost daily. You can click on the name above and the link will take you there for today’s special… but before you do, let me share with you the decision making process I went through. I am confident it will help you too.

The first thing I did, when I saw the special offer, was to login to the site. Now, I have already registered there, so if you haven’t you will need to… and by the way, type in amcoffee when you come to the “fill in the box” that asks who referred you! Anyway, back to the process, because I had my doubts today.

I logged into my account and began to look around. First, let me see what kind of items do they offer? I like gift cards and they have gift cards! That’s a match. Next, off to the win history…

In the last 70 auctions that closed, over half of them were won by the same 5 names (and I recognize these names – I don’t see them lose too often… if at all!). That tells me that 5 power-bidders are hauling in over 50% of the available auctions! Taking my research a step further, I saw that over the last 100 auctions while there were 21 different winners, again the same 5 names still won about half of the auctions. So, do I really want to buy bids for a site where these 5 people are winning the majority of the auctions? I need more information. I need to do more homework. Do they have any win limits? Yes… 2 wins per day. Ok, that helps me allot. Oh, and one more thing… these 5 names virtually always mark their auctions. I seldom, if ever, see them join an auction they did not first mark. So, I can bid on auctions they do not mark with a relative certainty that they will not come after me. That’s good news too.

Next, does the site ship their winnings? Off to a couple penny auction review sites (you will see one linked to the right side of this page). I check out their reviews and everything looks good. Finally, do I have any money???!!! The special deal is 25 bids for $5. I have an $8 balance in my account at Penny Auction Coupon! It’s a go!

Now, you can do the same thing, or you can take my word for it. I’m in at Bidbreezy for a great deal. But at first I wasn’t sure. What caused this confusion? I had trouble getting on the freeway this morning!


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The Good Guys in Green

Many of you know I am from central Wisconsin and there would be a tendency to think that I am changing topics today with the heading of this post. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is not about that professional football team that will be playing the NFC Championship game this Sunday. This post continues my theme regarding The Truth in Penny Auctions. Today it’s the Good Guys in Green.

There are many things that a penny auction business can do to satisfy any doubts potential customers may have. They can advertise, create “How-to” videos even offer auctions that are for beginners only. Dibzees has done all of those things.

You can go to their website and see their videos about how their their auctions work…AND YOU SHOULD. You can look through the auctions that are displayed and find the ones that say “NOOB.” These are for beginners only. You can click on their “Ended Auctions” tab and see the history of those who have won and what the end of auction prices were… AND YOU SHOULD. You can read through their terms and conditions so that you understand what they offer and what you are responsible for… AND YOU SHOULD. You should do your homework! And today you can register there (if you have not already) and get a great deal on their bids by clicking on this link. and purchase 54 bids for only $9.

Make sure you follow the order I have outlined above. On the one hand, I can tell you that you can trust me in what I am writing about Dibzees. They are the Good Guys in Green when it comes to pennyauction websites. I started playing there last year and I have won more than twice the amount of money I spent. You also need to know that Dibzees does not charge for shipping so any costs other than buying bids is only for the auction itself. Let me give you this example. On December 23 I used 3 bids on an auction for a $25 Target gift card and won it. The end price of the auction was $0.10. That is all I paid for that auction. Now, you do the math… 3 bids at .18 cents per bid ($0.54) – which is today’s special deal for bids – plus the $0.10 for the auction equals $0.64 for a $25 Target gift card.

So much negative news swirls about this pennyauction industry and in some cases it is true. There are scam sites on the web. There are dishonest people who have opened the doors of their internet stores to an unsuspecting public and cheated people out of their hard earned money. The news, it seems, delights to report the ‘poor, poor pitiful me’ stories of people who have lost thousands of dollars in penny auctions and I do not doubt that people have lost money on these sites. But let’s get real here. No one MADE them buy bids. No one MADE them click on a bid button. No one MADE them continue to buy and bid ignorantly until they were thousands of dollars in the hole. They did it to themselves. They chose to blindly jump in and they want to blame someone else for their misery. There are resources like this blog and other sites where people can do their homework BEFORE they jump in. I just want to balance the bias against the industry and point people in the right direction.

Let me make sure you are understanding all that I am saying here. Dibzees is an honest site. They have taken the time to create videos for you to view, included features on their site where you can learn about how their site works and today they are offering a special opportunity get involved in their pennyauction site for only $9. Remember, many people are going to take advantage of this special offer. There is no guarantee that you will win anything should you decide to make this $9 investment. You have to do your homework, plan and be patient.

I am looking forward to that NFC Championship game next Sunday. I like the Guys in Green in that game. And in penny auctions, I like the Guys in Green at Dibzees and I think you will to. Register there if you haven’t already by clicking here. Do your homework by checking out the site thoroughly. Then click on this link to take advantage of this special offer of 54 bids for only $9. I did!


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The Good Guys in Pennyauctions

It seems that in order to make news about pennyauctions you have to write stories about scams and cheats and lying and fraud. Those negative stories draw the interest of people. The result is that people become fearful of trying out pennyauctions because they do not want to just throw their money away – who does!!?? But to throw away “the baby with the bathwater” is not the answer either. There are good sites and respectable owners. There are opportunities for good deals to try out this exciting industry. There are opportunities to save money on items people routinely purchase. The industry is not as corrupt as the news people make it out to be.

In my past article, I exhorted you to do your homework BEFORE you jump into any pennyauction site. You MUST know what you are getting into. You need to know if a site is valid or not and often times that takes time and effort and patience. People looking for “get rich quick” opportunities do not want to invest that time, effort and patient. So let me help.

Word of mouth advertising is still one of the most credible forms of promotion around. We tend to lean on the experiences of others as an additional source of confidence before making a decision. The advertising world knows this. Sports figures make tons of money promoting everything from breakfast cereal to automobiles. People want assurance before making purchases. It is no different in the pennyauction world. “How do I know it’s real?” is a valid concern.

If you have never attempted to venture into these waters because you are afraid that the site is going to rip you off, here’s some help. There is a site that I have bid on since April of last year and have had good success. The owners excel in customer service, returning emails, and sending out the items won in a timely basis. For over nine months I have had nothing but positive experiences with this particular pennyauction site and today they are offering a special deal on their bids. Only 24 cents per bid if you register and purchase through this special coupon. (You will find the link below, but I want you to finish reading this article first).

Bidpigs also offers beginner auctions. These are auctions whereby only people who have never won an auction on their site can participate. It is a tremendous way to “get your feet wet” in this exciting world. And today, you can jump in for only a $12 investment.

Now, let’s remain truthful. There are going to be allot of people joining in the fun with this promotion. So, you’re still going to need to do homework. You still need to be patient. Read through the site if you are not familiar with it. Look for the auctions that are for beginners, although you are certainly not limited to those. If you buy bids today, remember, you do not have to use them all right away. Watch the auctions for awhile. Prepare, plan and be patient. The purpose of writing this particular article is twofold…

1- To let you know that Bidpigs is one of the most trusted sites in the industry.

2- To invite you to take part in a tremendous deal for bids.

In my last article I told you about a guy who lost $14,000 in pennyauctions. Here’s an opportunity to find out all about one site and hopefully get some good deals for only a $12 investment!

So, what do you do?

Go to today (January 16), register (you will also get 3 free bids if you have never registered before!) and check out the site. Look at the items they offer. Is there anything you need or want? Check out the different kinds of auctions. Under the “View all Categories” tab, click on the “ended auctions” and study the end prices, the names of the winners, the times that the auctions were won. This is helpful information so you can plan how to proceed.

Then, click on the link below to go to a site, Pennyauctioncoupon. You will need to register there too and then, IF YOU ARE COMFORTABLE, purchase this special offer of 50 bids for only $12. Your bids should be in your account January 17 or 18.

I can tell you this much. is a credible site. They offer a variety of items for auction. They offer a variety of auctions. They ship out what you win and do so in a timely manner. Please know, I cannot guarantee that you will win. There are other bidders out there. But on this site I have almost doubled my investment. In fact, just the other day I won a $20 BP Gas Gift card with only 5 bids. Now you do the math. 5 bids at 24 cents each ($1.20) plus $3.00 shipping, plus $0.14 (the auction ending price). I paid $4.34 for a $20 gift card.

You can avoid getting cheated in this industry by doing your homework and exercising patience. You can also get additional assurance through word of mouth advertising. Then you can test the waters with special deals on bids. You have all three today!


Here’s that link.


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More Truth About Penny Auctions

Recently there was a news article about a man whining about losing $14,000 on a penny auction site. He read the terms and condition, he bought the bids (and had to do this more than once to get to a $14,000 loss), he placed bids and then he blamed the web site. There is something seriously wrong with his conclusion.

How many people would invest $14,000 into anything and not research it first? Personally, a significant amount of homework should be completed before making such a decision. However, if there is someone reading this who does not think homework is necessary, could we meet for coffee? I would like to sell you something.

Penny auction websites are an exciting way to buy some of the items you want or need. I have been using them for about a year now, and although just a small fish in this vast sea, I have nearly tripled my money. For every dollar spent I have won almost three times that amount. So what’s the difference between the guy who lost $14,000 and me? Homework and possibly some patience.

Penny auction sites need to be researched. There are a number of scam sites on the web. There are also some very honest sites out there too. That’s something that people need to know and they need to know how to tell the good ones from the bad ones. I purpose to inform readers about the good ones in the weeks to follow because I am a bit tired of the whiners getting all the publicity about these sites.

At the end of this blog is a link to a site where you can purchase bids at a very special deal. But let me say this. DO NOT JUST GO AND PURCHASE THE BIDS! These deals are usually for one day so here’s what you do. Go to the penny auction site that is offering the deal. Scout out the items they auction. Are there things you are interested in? Read their terms and conditions. Go to the closed auction page. (If they do not have one, go to the contact page and send them an email asking why they do not have a closed auctions section). Look over the auctions that have already closed. Examine what the end prices were. (You can see if there are good deals by multiplying the end cost – usually one penny is one bid – by the cost per bid. You will need to find out how much each bid costs). On that closed or ended auctions page make note of the names of the winners. Are the same ones winning all the time? You may want to contact the site and ask about win limits. Do they limit how many times per day, week or month a person can win? You see, there is allot of homework to do. You need to do this homework first and then consider buying bids.

Penny auction sites are getting bad publicity because of the nature of man. For the most part, people are lazy, especially when it comes to the idea of getting good deals. Remember the lottery? That is simply a tax on people who are not good at math. Penny auctions do not function the same way. They require homework and strategy. I’ll discuss that next time.

Click here for the link for the special deal on bids, but remember, you’re not going to just buy the bids, right? Unless of course you have a ton of money laying around, and if you do, you’re supposed to call me for coffee!


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