The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Have you ever heard those words before? Their origin is said to go back to the 12th century. They have been used in courts of law for quite some time. Maybe you’ve heard a judge requiring that from you way back when, before you learned how to be responsible???!! So, what was he (the judge) looking for?

First – “The Truth” Your testimony must be accurate as to what has happened to you.
Second – “The Whole Truth” Do not leave anything out from your testimony.
Third – “Nothing but the Truth” Of course, do not include any lies in your testimony.

So, are courts of law the only time this is required? Are we as a people, free to violate these terms in routine communication? Do the words we say or type in forums need to follow these three, simple… dare I say… rules? Well, let me ask you a question…. “Is it ok with you if I lie to you?” I rest my case.

Many people exercise the freedom of internet posting. From Facebook and beyond, comments are introduced for public consumption non-stop. I happen to participate on a forum that is specific to the penny auction industry. An industry I thoroughly enjoy and have for the past four years or so.

I am going to raise a question about posting on that site… How accurate are the words that I am reading? Do they contain The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth? I am afraid not always and what follows here is a little tirade to address this issue, after all, this blog is called The Truth about Penny Auctions!

Shipping time frames are important to bidders. People start to feel a little bit anxious when their wins are not showing up in their mail boxes in a timely fashion. Often times, I will read the complaints about sites that do not, or are not shipping promptly. One post will usually result in many others adding their input as to the injustices they are experiencing. I appreciate people letting their peers know about sites that are not up to snuff with shipping. It is important to me and I am confident it is important to other bidders as well. Which brings me to an observation… should there be any response to the posts of bidders who praise a given site when they receive a package of wins that have taken two months to get to them?

Sadly, today there are sites that take a long time to ship out wins. Usually there is little patience for sites that do this. However, there is one particular site, which a year ago was one of the very best in the business. They shipped fast. We could expect our wins within three to five days. Like clockwork this site was prompt, fast and dearly loved. However, over the course of time, shipping slowed down. Pretty soon wins were taking two weeks to get to us. Then three weeks and four. The site even changed the terms for their delivery schedule to fall within the reality of what was happening. Over the course of time, wins are now taking two months to arrive and guess what… my fellow bidding peers post comments like, “Thanks to so n so, for the great customer service,” and I am thinking to myself… that is great customer service? Two months for a win to arrive is now great customer service? Is this The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth? I think not!

This is the work of manipulation, because those same bidders bad-mouth other sites for not shipping in two to three weeks of their wins. The reality is, the site with the slow shipping has threatened to close accounts of anyone who bad mouths them, thus bidders are willing to call poor customer service praiseworthy and in the process they choose to mis-lead their so called friends in the bidding world!

Here’s hoping for the day when The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth affects more than just a court of law.


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