What is Truth?

“What is truth?” This phrase was made famous by a governor of Rome somewhere around the year 33AD when Jesus Christ stated that He had come into the world to testify to the truth. (John 18:37-38) But let’s examine modern culture and this word, “truth.”

A definition that includes practical application goes like this… “Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts.” I like that! Doing what is right should result in benefits, right? So what happens when one doesn’t accurately report facts? Is that a lie? A falsehood? A deception? A fib? It could be all of these and more. Our culture seems to say that when someone is not accurate they are misleading. In today’s culture, What is truth?

Pennyauctions have a rough time convincing people that they are legitimate forms of on-line purchasing. There are sites that have outright cheated and stolen from customers through various means. If the industry is going to be able to stand up to its critics, it must promote honesty and point out the lack of it.

Today, I came across a promotion that stated; “Look through all our videos and you will find a promotion code at the end of one giving you 20 free bids at Imnotgonnatellyouyet.com” What did you read? What do you have to do to get the 20 free bids? Buy a bidpack or watch a video for a code?

This bothered me. So I posted this question in reply to the ad… “Is the offer 20 free bids or 20 free bids when you purchase a bidpack?” Here’s the answer I received from them… “Hi amcoffee! You will have to purchase a bidpack to receive these free bids. But once you do that you will qualify for all of the promotions which means up to an extra 55 bids! We are working on adding some other promotions and I will let you know as soon as they are in place! I hope this helps!…” (I did not include the person’s name at the end of the quote)

I decided to push the issue further with the following reply… “While it helps, it is disappointing to learn that your original ad misrepresented your offer.” To which I received the follow response… “I apologize if you felt that was misleading. I don’t feel it was a misrepresentation though because you ARE able obtain the free bids! We will keep it in mind that you would prefer to receive the free bids before you purchase a bidpack and perhaps in the future add that as a promotion. Also, If the starter pack seems a little high to you we will be starting a new promotion soon where the beginning bid pack drops down to $20.00 for 40bids. I will let you know when that promotion starts. Again, I do apologize…” (Again, I did not include the person’s name at the end of the quote).

Did you notice who is responsible? It’s my fault for feeling it was misleading! They are going to stick by their ad and state it is NOT a misrepresentation? (By the way, a second bidder has now also posted on the same forum after “discovering” that they had to buy bids in order to get the 20 free bids). How is it that they came to this new revelation? Because nowhere in the ad did it state that a purchase was necessary for the 20 free bids.

Could you imagine the outcry if I posted something like this… Get a $10 Starbucks giftcard free when you read this article. Then, when someone tries to collect, I tell them that they have to make a $60 purchase first. Do you think that there would be anyone bothered by that obvious lack of accuracy?


What’s happened to us as a people that this is the kind of communication we throw around and then blame the reader for “feeling that they were misled?”

A second issue with their answer is that they still hold to their original claim that “you do get 20 free bids.” Right, it’s just that you have to make a purchase first. So, because a portion of it is true, they do not think it is misleading? (WHAT IS TRUTH?) What about the part that is missing? Yes, dear misled customer, you do get 20 free bids with your $60 purchase.

So, the bottom line is that these so-called free bids are only available when you make a $60 purchase.

Truthfulness is ACCURATELY REPORTING FACTS and that would include all the details of this promotion. There was not one word, not even one small 4 point font that stated “some restrictions may apply.” GOOD GRIEF! This one really bothers me (in case you couldn’t tell!).

The Pennyauction world is a fun-filled place with many, many, many GREAT people and sites. We must represent ourselves and the industry in a manner that is above reproach. We want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Now, PLEASE understand something here… I have no experience with this site other than what I have posted here. PLEASE understand that I am NOT accusing them of being a sham site or a cheating site or anything like that. I object to the lack of truthfulness (according to my definition) in their ad.

End of tirade.

By the way… anyone bothered by the fact that I left off who the site was? You see, you too want all the facts. Thanks for proving my point!



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6 responses to “What is Truth?

  1. Nicely Done AmCoffee! Another excellent read for penny auction bidders and owners alike. It’s hard enough to prove your honesty and integrity without being deceptive on the front end.

  2. nobody

    the site is anniesbid did i win a prize

  3. nobody

    axobids.com is the culprit

  4. Great observation Amcoffee, thank you for providing your insights.

  5. Hello Amcoffee this is Andi01 from AxoBids.com. I would like to take this chance to sincerely apologize for offending you and whoever else was upset by the misrepresentation of my words in the promotion you are referring to in this article. Please note it has been changed thankfully by the administrator of that site and I will also post an apology there. I am human not a computer or a bot so just like you and every other human being besides Jesus Christ, I do make mistakes. Please understand AxoBids.com is a very small company right now and we have not paid anyone to do our marketing so as a owner I have been trying my best to wear many hats and obviously marketing is not my strong point. I will take this as a lesson learned and be certain that this type of an untruth never appears in any of our advertisements or promotions again. We want to run a clean site which delivers products promptly and provides excellent customer service. It is my hope that you can be forgiving and we can establish a good working relationship with you and others in the Penny Auction community. I believe I deserved this bashing and do feel bad that I worded that ad the way I did. Thank-you for calling it out and forcing me to take more time with the way things are worded and I know it will only help me to do a better and more truthful job of marketing in the future. Again, I do aplogize, Andi01 AxoBids.com co-owner

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