What’s in a Name? (part 1)

Let me begin this blog with claiming that a name means allot! Your parents chose your name for a reason… well, at least in modern times they did. Years ago Peter’s boy and John’s boy got very basic names… Peterson and Johnson. But names are important.

They are vitally important in the penny auction business. People choose a username for different reasons, but they put allot of thought into it. They want to have a good reputation in the industry.

The penny auction sites also strive to make a good name for themselves and one of those sites is Bid-Bob.com.

Today they are adding to their good name with an invitation to receive 5 free bids just for “liking” them on Facebook. You can do that through their website.

Bid-Bob.com is a newer site that has quickly found favor in the eyes of many of my peers in the penny auction industry. From creativity to customer service, they are building a great reputation. They know that a good name is important. Even Solomon wrote about that (Proverb 22:1).

So, check out the site, do your homework and take advantage of these five free bids. You’ll want to make a good name for yourself on these penny auction sites!


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One response to “What’s in a Name? (part 1)

  1. MMmm, maybe worth it to check it out

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