Compassionate Care for Bidders

My wife and I are blessed to have six children, all girls except for five of them. So you can imagine the lack of emotions in our home. This was made painfully clear by the testimony of our 4th born while he was visiting last month. All we did was ask a 22 year old who lives by himself “what’s new?” We then listened to him talk for the next 45 minutes!

Out came this account that took place when he was about 5 or 6 years old. He loved to play with football cards. He would arrange them like a football game on the floor complete with an offense and defense. He would pretend that the quarterback would hand the ball off to a running back and this child would verbalize the play by play like a television announcer while moving each card as if they were real players. He was doing this one day in the kitchen near the stairs to the basement and in the process of getting excited in one of his plays, he fell down the non-carpeted stairs. After reaching the bottom of the stairs he began crying as any 5 or 6 year old would after such a fall. He truly was hurt (he received 6 stitches to close the cut on the back of his head). While getting up from this fall, still at the bottom of the stairs and still crying, his older brother, who was downstairs doing the laundry at the time, approached and said; “Does the crying really help? I mean you’re hurt and all but you’re making allot of noise and frankly, that noise is not going to take away the pain.” That’s all he said and walked away satisfied with the result… the crying stopped. Our 4th born remembers two things about that day; that he fell down the stairs resulting in stitches and that his older brother simply told him to stop crying about it because crying would not make the pain any less. See what I mean about a lack of emotions in our home! You’d think one brother would have a heart for the other. Where’s the compassion????

Don’t you wish penny auction bidders had more compassion? What do you say to the bidder that just spent $100 in bids trying to win a $25 gift card against a well known power bidder? Well, what you really want to do is help them BEFORE they lose all that money. So… amcoffee to the rescue!

There are more and more opportunities to learn about the penny auction world without having to go through the pain of losing hundreds of dollars first. I would like to introduce you to some so that those who may be new to this exciting way to shop can avoid losing tons of money. Why? Because, unlike that older son of mine, I have compassion.

First, there are plenty of sites on the internet that provide feedback, reviews of sites and discussions on the topic of penny auctions. At the right side of this blog there are links to the sites I think will benefit you. One that is not there because of it’s newness is This internet radio broadcast takes place on weeknights from 8:00pm to 10:00pm CST. There are great interviews and helpful tips from the hosts as well as others who call in. These people do these things because they care about the industry. They understand that learning is necessary to become successful at penny auctions and they are truly concerned for the new bidder. You really need to spend time listening to what others are saying and doing before you jump in.

Another newer site has more of a social atmosphere to it while containing helpful information from site owners and bidders alike. TheBidLounge is a site where bidders and site owners can kick back and enjoy one another. You’ll enjoy the friendly bantering and be able to pick up good information from the members there.

In addition, there are articles in most of these forums that expose sites that are dishonest. The penny auction community has a strong distaste for scam sites that hurt the reputation of the industry! Scam sites do not come up to you and give you a cyber kiss on the cheek announcing that they are crooks! You have to be able to identify which ones are bad.

Those who are involved in penny auctions also have the desire to make public the sites that have good reputations. One place to go for information on sites which are verified is There are plenty of good sites on the net that you can trust. So do some homework first and that includes the venues I have already alluded to in this post and in the links on the right side of this page.

Something else I can help you with is letting you know about daily specials where you can purchase your bids at deep discounts for different penny auction sites. Check out my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter and you’ll get those daily announcements. In fact today (April 15), there is one for 25 bids for $7 at a site called Orangebids. There is also a promotion for 25 bids for only $5 at Pointnbid. Just click on the site names and you will be taken to the special offer.

On last thought… leave your emotions in the other room before you start the actual bidding. Don’t get all wrapped up in a single auction as if your very life depended on it. Could you imagine what my older son might say to you should you lose and start crying about it… “Hey pal, you know that crying isn’t going to put bids back in your account. I know you’re hurt and all, but do you have to make so much noise?”

Many tears can be avoided by listening to someone who wants to help. Aren’t you glad that you can come to this blog and find compassionate care?


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