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My mother made me take piano lessons until I was 14 years old. All my buddies were out playing sports and I was practicing the piano. I never thought it was worth it, especially in during those years. I don’t think children really ‘get it’ until their about 35 years old, that’s why I kept telling all our children (there are six… all girls except for five of them), “Look,” I’d say, “When your 35 you’re going to agree with me anyway, so why not start now?” It never worked. And so it was with my then 12 year old son. A neighbor lady gave him a guitar. (It was a direct answer to his prayers). He brought it home and I noticed it was missing a string. I suggested he take it to a good friend of mine and have this friend look it over, show my son how to replace the missing string and teach him how to play. Well, that fell on deaf ears, my son thought he could learn how to play this thing himself… and he did. He had been taking piano lessons and knew a thing or two about music, so he jumped in and began working on his guitar playing. He replaced the missing string, wrote out the cords and practiced them diligently. There was one cord where he couldn’t quite get his fingers on the right strings, but he worked his way around that little problem. Then one day, my friend (the one who played the guitar that I had suggested my son talk to…) came to the house and my son was eager to show him what he had learned. My friend had a strange look on his face as he sat watching my son play this guitar. Finally he said, “You’re playing a guitar that is strung for a lefty. In other words, you’re playing that guitar up side down.” (Which may have been the reason he could not get his fingers to play that one cord right). Months of practice and patience and diligence went out the proverbial window. My poor son. If only he had listened in the first place… but like I said, he was only 12 and they don’t listening until about 35.

Can you relate this story to your early days in penny auctions? Maybe you never sought out help? Maybe you have never participated in penny auctions before? I have some helpful information for you today. Are you over 35 yet?

In my previous blog we looked at the necessity of being prepared to bid. “Ready. Shoot. Aim!!!” is the mistake that is usually made by new players in the penny auction industry. People may follow these three necessary steps (Ready, Shoot, Aim), but not always in the right order and the results can be overwhelming and expensive.

On virtually every penny auction site there is a tab marked, “HOW IT WORKS.” This tab can be clicked on and information gathered about that particular site, even BEFORE you register there. You really should get to know everything you can even before you register with the site. So click on the HOW IT WORKS tab.

Some sites will walk you through their registration process with the HOW IT WORKS tab. Most sites use this tab to show you how their auctions work. It will show you what the item screen looks like, where to find the description of the item you’re bidding on, where the clock is so you can see it tick down and how many seconds are added each time a bid is placed. Other information on the HOW IT WORKS tab include how to know what the price of the auction is, where the bid button is and how to know who is winning the auction.

Some sites offer different types of auctions like beginner auctions, reserve auctions, fixed price auctions, nailbiter auctions, even free auctions. Each site is different and you can learn about them and the auctions they offer in their HOW IT WORKS tab. Now if you do not see a tab by that name at the top of the screen, scroll down to the bottom and look there. It may say something like GETTING STARTED or HOW TO BEGIN. Use those instruction tabs and find out how that particular site works.

There are some sites that offer bid-helpers. These come by different names but do the same thing. They allow you to set a predetermined amount of bids on a given auction. While not all sites offer this, those that do may have slight variations. With some, once you set it, you cannot alter it. There is one site that has this autobidder function, however, it will not work when you use Google Chrome. You are going to want to have that information before bidding aren’t you?

Some sites even offer video presentations of how to do navigate around their site. These are vital so that you can be prepared to bid.

The HOW IT WORKS tab is an important part of your pre-bidding homework. Jumping into an auction without knowing what you are getting into can cause you to waste allot of time and money. The site owners want you to know everything you can about their site. It really is for you’re own good. Those who have been bidding want you to succeed too. We don’t want you to place any bid un-intelligently. So click on that HOW IT WORKS tab… especially if your under 35.



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