The Good Guys in Green

Many of you know I am from central Wisconsin and there would be a tendency to think that I am changing topics today with the heading of this post. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is not about that professional football team that will be playing the NFC Championship game this Sunday. This post continues my theme regarding The Truth in Penny Auctions. Today it’s the Good Guys in Green.

There are many things that a penny auction business can do to satisfy any doubts potential customers may have. They can advertise, create “How-to” videos even offer auctions that are for beginners only. Dibzees has done all of those things.

You can go to their website and see their videos about how their their auctions work…AND YOU SHOULD. You can look through the auctions that are displayed and find the ones that say “NOOB.” These are for beginners only. You can click on their “Ended Auctions” tab and see the history of those who have won and what the end of auction prices were… AND YOU SHOULD. You can read through their terms and conditions so that you understand what they offer and what you are responsible for… AND YOU SHOULD. You should do your homework! And today you can register there (if you have not already) and get a great deal on their bids by clicking on this link. and purchase 54 bids for only $9.

Make sure you follow the order I have outlined above. On the one hand, I can tell you that you can trust me in what I am writing about Dibzees. They are the Good Guys in Green when it comes to pennyauction websites. I started playing there last year and I have won more than twice the amount of money I spent. You also need to know that Dibzees does not charge for shipping so any costs other than buying bids is only for the auction itself. Let me give you this example. On December 23 I used 3 bids on an auction for a $25 Target gift card and won it. The end price of the auction was $0.10. That is all I paid for that auction. Now, you do the math… 3 bids at .18 cents per bid ($0.54) – which is today’s special deal for bids – plus the $0.10 for the auction equals $0.64 for a $25 Target gift card.

So much negative news swirls about this pennyauction industry and in some cases it is true. There are scam sites on the web. There are dishonest people who have opened the doors of their internet stores to an unsuspecting public and cheated people out of their hard earned money. The news, it seems, delights to report the ‘poor, poor pitiful me’ stories of people who have lost thousands of dollars in penny auctions and I do not doubt that people have lost money on these sites. But let’s get real here. No one MADE them buy bids. No one MADE them click on a bid button. No one MADE them continue to buy and bid ignorantly until they were thousands of dollars in the hole. They did it to themselves. They chose to blindly jump in and they want to blame someone else for their misery. There are resources like this blog and other sites where people can do their homework BEFORE they jump in. I just want to balance the bias against the industry and point people in the right direction.

Let me make sure you are understanding all that I am saying here. Dibzees is an honest site. They have taken the time to create videos for you to view, included features on their site where you can learn about how their site works and today they are offering a special opportunity get involved in their pennyauction site for only $9. Remember, many people are going to take advantage of this special offer. There is no guarantee that you will win anything should you decide to make this $9 investment. You have to do your homework, plan and be patient.

I am looking forward to that NFC Championship game next Sunday. I like the Guys in Green in that game. And in penny auctions, I like the Guys in Green at Dibzees and I think you will to. Register there if you haven’t already by clicking here. Do your homework by checking out the site thoroughly. Then click on this link to take advantage of this special offer of 54 bids for only $9. I did!



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