The Good Guys in Pennyauctions

It seems that in order to make news about pennyauctions you have to write stories about scams and cheats and lying and fraud. Those negative stories draw the interest of people. The result is that people become fearful of trying out pennyauctions because they do not want to just throw their money away – who does!!?? But to throw away “the baby with the bathwater” is not the answer either. There are good sites and respectable owners. There are opportunities for good deals to try out this exciting industry. There are opportunities to save money on items people routinely purchase. The industry is not as corrupt as the news people make it out to be.

In my past article, I exhorted you to do your homework BEFORE you jump into any pennyauction site. You MUST know what you are getting into. You need to know if a site is valid or not and often times that takes time and effort and patience. People looking for “get rich quick” opportunities do not want to invest that time, effort and patient. So let me help.

Word of mouth advertising is still one of the most credible forms of promotion around. We tend to lean on the experiences of others as an additional source of confidence before making a decision. The advertising world knows this. Sports figures make tons of money promoting everything from breakfast cereal to automobiles. People want assurance before making purchases. It is no different in the pennyauction world. “How do I know it’s real?” is a valid concern.

If you have never attempted to venture into these waters because you are afraid that the site is going to rip you off, here’s some help. There is a site that I have bid on since April of last year and have had good success. The owners excel in customer service, returning emails, and sending out the items won in a timely basis. For over nine months I have had nothing but positive experiences with this particular pennyauction site and today they are offering a special deal on their bids. Only 24 cents per bid if you register and purchase through this special coupon. (You will find the link below, but I want you to finish reading this article first).

Bidpigs also offers beginner auctions. These are auctions whereby only people who have never won an auction on their site can participate. It is a tremendous way to “get your feet wet” in this exciting world. And today, you can jump in for only a $12 investment.

Now, let’s remain truthful. There are going to be allot of people joining in the fun with this promotion. So, you’re still going to need to do homework. You still need to be patient. Read through the site if you are not familiar with it. Look for the auctions that are for beginners, although you are certainly not limited to those. If you buy bids today, remember, you do not have to use them all right away. Watch the auctions for awhile. Prepare, plan and be patient. The purpose of writing this particular article is twofold…

1- To let you know that Bidpigs is one of the most trusted sites in the industry.

2- To invite you to take part in a tremendous deal for bids.

In my last article I told you about a guy who lost $14,000 in pennyauctions. Here’s an opportunity to find out all about one site and hopefully get some good deals for only a $12 investment!

So, what do you do?

Go to today (January 16), register (you will also get 3 free bids if you have never registered before!) and check out the site. Look at the items they offer. Is there anything you need or want? Check out the different kinds of auctions. Under the “View all Categories” tab, click on the “ended auctions” and study the end prices, the names of the winners, the times that the auctions were won. This is helpful information so you can plan how to proceed.

Then, click on the link below to go to a site, Pennyauctioncoupon. You will need to register there too and then, IF YOU ARE COMFORTABLE, purchase this special offer of 50 bids for only $12. Your bids should be in your account January 17 or 18.

I can tell you this much. is a credible site. They offer a variety of items for auction. They offer a variety of auctions. They ship out what you win and do so in a timely manner. Please know, I cannot guarantee that you will win. There are other bidders out there. But on this site I have almost doubled my investment. In fact, just the other day I won a $20 BP Gas Gift card with only 5 bids. Now you do the math. 5 bids at 24 cents each ($1.20) plus $3.00 shipping, plus $0.14 (the auction ending price). I paid $4.34 for a $20 gift card.

You can avoid getting cheated in this industry by doing your homework and exercising patience. You can also get additional assurance through word of mouth advertising. Then you can test the waters with special deals on bids. You have all three today!


Here’s that link.



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2 responses to “The Good Guys in Pennyauctions

  1. Thanks so much for the praise Amcoffee!! We really appreciate it!

  2. Great article, unbiased and actually ALL true.

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